How it Works

Electroskip™—the future of dance shoes and electronic music. Sensors are placed under toes and heels. Wireless transmitters attach to the top of each foot. Your steps send a signal to the USB receiver that is converted into MIDI musical notes and beats by the computer. Electroskip™ kernel software allows you to remotely adjust the pressure sensitivity of the sensors. Performance tested, Electroskip™ is a long-range (30 meter wireless connection), low-latency system that supports up to four simultaneous dancers.

Enabling new collaborations, Electroskip™ is truly a new platform. Use it sitting, standing, skipping and running. Generate your own beats from your sneaks! Whether you’re a Tapper or Rapper, Electroskip™ gives you digital tap dancing shoes, a MIDI compatible link to the world of electronic music. A totally fluid way of generating loop-based music or adding a dynamic track over preexisting songs. For Producers, Performers, DJ's, Dancers, Health and Medical Professionals, Electroskip™ is new way of working. Move and Make Music.™